jellyfish ... how adorable is this ... especially if its a rainy halloween :)

DIY Halloween Costumes For Adults & Kids You Can Make In A Jiffy

Great for rainy days jelly fish Halloween Costume Inspiration Board: Jellyfish! Lots of great ideas for kids costumes.

handmade costumes | pinksugarland

fun ideas for kids costumes - scuba diver costume, astronaut costume and hot air balloon costume

I hope this is my kid someday

Cutest girl in starbucks halloween costume! Just as a side note, Starbucks has bought Teavana! Tea and coffee are now a force to be reckoned with and the world will never be the same for the new generation.

DIY baby costume ideas: Struck by Lightning

50 Creative DIY Baby Costume Ideas

Struck by Lightning Baby Costume - Monika: This is my 4 month old daughter. She has a lot of hair that naturally stands up and one day she looked like she had been electrocuted which made me.

Deguisement araignée

Spider costume- Styrofoam ball cut in half for eyes, black men's dress socks, stuffed and sewn to the sides of a black sweatshirt