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20 exemplos criativos em street art (14)

the beautiful chalk art of Julian Beever. Julian is famous for his incredible chalk art he draws in the streets. It is carefully drawn at incredible angles so that when the viewer stands in front of it, the art looks like it jumps off the street comp

A wonderful and inspiring picture or mural of a little mouse watering his/her garden on the curb. Notice the cute little flower pot sitting on the window sill as well! Can you say "curb appeal"!

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based artist David Zinn proves you don't have to work on a grand scale to make smile-worthy art. Take for instance this adorable chalk creation of a little mouse watering a tiny bit of grass that's sprouting on the street.


It's not just a crack on the wall. "Find the cracks and exploit the discoveries to be revealed there . then move on to practice running headlong into the brick walls. Cracks crack first. Heads crack before brick walls. (from: STREET ART UTOPIA)"