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DIY Tetherball Goat Toy - hours of head butting fun. Keeping Goats, Raising Goats, Goat Playground, Playground Ideas, Tier Zoo, Goat Shelter, Goat Pen, Goat Care, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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GoatsLive.com. Live from our hobby farm in Brooksville, FL

My first invention of goat toys did not go so well, it was slotted wood grates and a few of the goats got there legs stuck in them which was very scary! Thank heavens no one got a broken leg… Mini Goats, Cute Goats, Baby Goats, Keeping Goats, Raising Goats, Goat Playground, Playground Ideas, Goat Shelter, Goat Pen

Fun for goats? toys...ect

Can anyone suggest toys for goats? Just something to keep them busy! What should I put in the pasture for them to climb and play on? I'd love to hear...

Goat playground covered with roofing material to keep their hooves filed! For when we have goats. Keeping Goats, Raising Goats, Goat Playground, Playground Ideas, Goat Toys, Goat Shelter, Sheep Shelter, Goat Pen, Goat Care

Kid Playground!

No it's not one of those 1001 piece sets for kids, but for my goat kids. I have been working on this project for a few weeks and it has been a fun one. I have been scrounging up supplies for the past month to make this goat jungle gym, and the only cost was $13.00 for nails and staples. I am going to paint it red this summer to match the chicken coop. Right now it looks a little bit hillbilly and we like to keep things cute around Rainy Day Farm. (just a side note, the green thing in the…

A huge collection of ideas and inspiration for reusing tyres in outdoor play creatively & safely. Save money on outdoor play equipment by upcycling! Project & safety tips included for early childhood educators and teachers. Kids Outdoor Play, Outdoor Play Areas, Kids Play Area, Outdoor Dog Area, Outdoor Dog Toys, Outdoor Ideas, Goat Playground, Backyard Playground, Playground Ideas

The Tire Project

I Love the days at school when unexpected projects emerge. One day we were playing with some tires I had picked up at a garage. I asked the kids if they liked how the tires were set up. They said they couldn't really play that much with them, so I asked them if they would like to make a tunnel out of them. This was a hit. We began to dig a hole to place the bottom part of the tires in the ground. They then busied themselves with filling the tires in with the earth we had dug up. Here are a…

I want one when we get goats.Play fort for sheep/goats! via - Absent Jack Acres Goat Playground, Playground Ideas, Goat Toys, Goat Shelter, Horse Shelter, Goat Pen, Cute Goats, Mini Goats, Goat Care


Navajo Churro sheep, Pygmy goats, Scottish Highland cattle and African Guineas located in Nebraska. Annual spring sales of weanling stock to families, showmen and breeders.

In a previous post, we looked at how to build a goat hay feeder from pallets. I have found an easier solution to the hay feeder problem, try this diy plastic Raising Farm Animals, Raising Goats, Keeping Goats, Goat Hay Feeder, Goat Shelter, Plastic Drums, Goat House, Goat Barn, Boer Goats

Goat Milk products   & recipes

Goat Milk Ice Cream, goat milk recipes, raw milk, goat milk, goat milk products, goat milk oklahoma, goat cheese, goat feeders, vanilla pudding, goat soap

Having a large rock in your (future pygmy:)) goat yard keeps their hooves from getting overgrown Raising Farm Animals, Raising Goats, Goat Hoof Trimming, Goat Playground, Goat Toys, Nubian Goat, Goat Barn, Pygmy Goats, Champs

Having a large rock in your goat yard keeps their hooves from getting overgrown Or cinder blocks!!

Nigerian Dwarf goat breeder in Loganville, GA offering kids spring and fall, farm tours daily, goats used for movies or videos, goat yogo Pigmy Goats, Goat Playground, Playground Ideas, Miniature Goats, Goat Toys, Goat Shelter, Animal Shelter, Goat Pen, Goat Care


GOAT STANDs for large or small breed of goats, sheep, livestock, wood playgrounds, buckboard wagons, georgia

Wooden lawn furniture, some planks, some old tires, and a tree stump. A jungle gym for goats Raising Farm Animals, Raising Goats, Miniature Goats, Miniature Cattle, Goat Playground, Goat Toys, Goat Shed, Goat Shelter, Goat Care

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My name is Prescott Haber and I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I am 12 years old. My dad is starting an English Immersion School in Haiti. In Haiti, many children live in extreme poverty. Kids my age are asked to help make money for the family instead of going to school.If I can raise $600, I can buy 12 goats. With 12 goats, Junior ( his name, is in the 5th grade and wants to be a Doctor) should be able to have 20 baby goats(kids) in a year. Baby goats(kids) don't sell for as much as…