Oktay Özdemir

Oktay Özdemir

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Oktay Özdemir
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Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski has worked in satirical illustration since specializing in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives. His subjects deal with …

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A bus shelter bench with a built-in scale that broadcasts their weight to the world at large. This one in Amsterdam was created by the world’s third-largest gym chain, Fitness First.

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time-to-art: “Nikon Interactive Billboard: At a busy subway station, Nikon installed an interactive, light-box billboard displaying images of paparazzi. Huddled together jostling and competing for the.

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Some people get really creative with their garage doors. Here are 4 awesome (and realistic) garage door paintings that are bound to catch your eye!

Key Board Home Sweet Home

Key holders are an essential feature in your home if you tend to lose your keys. Many of us have lost our keys a number of times, if only we had a place to put them once we got home, this is where Key Holders come in.

Unplanned Plans :)

More altered book pages/found poetry or quotes "Love- This is a clever idea. take a page from an old book and find a sentence you like, mark out the rest and frame it!