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the words are written in different languages
Etkinlik Planı Görseli
an animal alphabet game for children with animals and letters on the page, which are also in
a sheet of paper with the words haff bulimaca in english and spanish
1.Sınıf İlk Okuma Harf Bulmaca - A Sesi
the letter i worksheet for children to practice their handwriting and writing skills, including letters
İnteraktif a sesi etkinliği
an alphabet worksheet with the letter a in it's upper and lowercase letters
İnteraktif a sesi etkinliği 2
the worksheet for an animal and its food
Okul Öncesi A Sesi Çalışma Sayfası
the letter a worksheet is filled with pictures and words to help kids learn how to
the letter a worksheet for children to learn how to write and draw letters
1.Sınıf İlkokuma A Sesi Okuma Yazma Etkinliği