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moon phases.
Study of the moon and stars.  Ottoman miniature from 17th century.   Istanbul.
Turkish Miniature, Noah's Ark.  A fanciful gold leaf ark with private port holes for the animals is portrayed in this mid-20th century Turkish miniature painted on a page from a 19th century Islamic manuscript.
Ebru ve Minyatür, Galata Kulesi
Sultan's caftan    silk caftan from 16th century (Museum Topkapi, Istanbul)
Floral Cat, looks like it's wearing a mask. Artist not given unless this is it: Feridun Oral.
Turkish Miniature Painting. "The Sultans watching dancers and comedians in the Hippodrome" (1703-30)
A copy of Jami’s Yusuf wa Zulaykha  Central Asia, Bukhara; 1684, Miniature  A style was developed under the Sunni Shaybanids and Janids in Bukhara in the 16th and 17th century that differed to some extent from that of Safavid Iran, and in the 17th century, the influence of Mughal India was tangible.
Serap Derinkök
Early 17th Century Ottoman painting. (Credit to the British Museum)
Miniature art & Illustration: Freedom....~painter: Merve Karlı
A copy of Jami’s Yusuf wa Zulaykha  Central Asia, Bukhara; 1095 H = 1683-1684
17th century miniature of astrologers studying the stars, from Istanbul University Library

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