Knitting Instructions

join knitting [ "Seams and weaving yarn tails - oh, so that is how you do it", "Knitting Instructions-Finishing: Seams and Weaving Yarn Tails I

decorative decreases


decorative decreases but who can translate them for me from German ?

hemming in knitting

узоры спицами

Live stitches from the last row of a sleeve for a folded / turned hem on the WS: sewing tidily & nicely. => grafting to row ~~ Use for collar / neck

On Ravelry

Baby Cables and Big Ones Too pattern by Suvi Simola

Ravelry: Baby Cables and Big Ones Too pattern by Suvi Simola. I may use this pattern for my aqua Pear Tree yarn.

Cómo unir piezas de punto de diferentes direcciones

A 5 minutes video tutorial to show you how to graft two knitted pieces on different planes. This is a part of my Baby Cable Yoke Jacket which you can fine mo.

el baul del bebe niño

Baby sweater, straightforward square construction, lace on the body…

Amherst by Kim Dolce - free pattern via Ravelry - shows how you can change the look with different buttons.

Amherst pattern by Kim Dolce

amherst cardigan - I am knitting this in lime green tweedy stuff. For once it's an american pattern that isn't knitted from the top down with no seams (shudder).