What if you knit instead of purl -- would you get shetland lace?  This alternates R and L decreases for less diagonal pull in the lace.  Rows 1 & 3 (WS): Purl  Row 2: k1, *yo, k2tog; rep from *  Row 4: *SSK, yo; rep from * across, end k1  Rep these 4 rows.

Free Knit lace scarf pattern: Rows 1 & 3 (WS): Purl Row *yo, rep from * Row *SSK, yo; rep from * across, end Rep these 4 rows.

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Child Knitting Patterns anna little Baby Knitting Patterns Supply : annatjie.

Ravelry: Triangle Jacket pattern by von Hinterm Stein

Triangle Jacket pattern by Hinterm Stein

✿‿Woollies For Winter⁀✿ Ravelry: Triangle Jacket pattern by von Hinterm Stein:

Knitting with different schemas and program & gt; typesetting edge with scalloped.

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Can someone read the chart for me? I just need the angled T is purl 2 through back loops so that the stitch leans in that direction

Pearl Brioche stitch

Watch video to learn how to knit the Pearl Brioche stitch. ++ Detailed written instructions: www.knittingstitc…… Source by EvaVykopalova

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Live stitches from the last row of a sleeve for a folded / turned hem on the WS: sewing tidily & nicely. => grafting to row ~~ Use for collar / neck