Leili Towfigh She first studied ceramics in the with Jean Segaloff at the Commonwealth School in Boston. She then worked with Darrell Finnegan at the Student Art Association studios at MIT.


I love blue and white. Tiles in Heidi, Chinese food, Holland, tea parties - all of these things link back to blue and white pottery / delft etc. for my dining room


Willow Love Story Side Plate - 15cm

Talavera Ceramic Plate Mexican Pottery

Spanish talavera plates are used for dining and decorating kitchen walls. A red, green and white plate from Mexico is microwave safe. by Rustica House

Folk Gzhel painting from Russia. Floral pattern with a bird. #folk #art #Russian…

Pulled this off a quilling site - I think. There was examples of expert quilling but the language was in something that looked Russian. I found this little piece beautiful.

Talavera Planter

This impressive Talavera Planter embodies all the charm of Mexican Talavera. Featuring intricate floral patterns and a unique yellow rim, this striking Talavera Planter will beautify any home or garden.