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Similar style chibi model to what I hope to create. Perhaps less detailed with less polys

This small girl model represents form as you can see shading behind her hair and see how her figures are rounded thanks to value. It's three-dimensional and has taken maybe a two-dimensional drawing and made it into a model.

JeongSeongHwa swordmaster leg types.gif

Thumbnail for version as of 29 July 2014

Lowpoly Arm Contest! Improve yourself! Win stuff! Exclamation! - Polycount Forum

DR: Make a lowpoly (under 200 ▲) arm before the and win Portal the final hours.

遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(1)-手肘膝蓋篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(1)-手肘膝蓋篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::