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Bodyweight Exercises Chart
Dumbbell Workout
Don't just look at it DOT IT!Muscle tone and vitality not what it used to be? A doctor may mention that feeling tired is just the natural way of things, but for the athlete in you longing to be released it means quick recovery from the strain of yesterday's workout REFUEL https://www.facebook.com/deerantlerspray #deerantlerspray #supplement #extract #muscle #energy #strength #health #quotes #focus #motivation #athletes
The Spartacus Workout! yes it's from men's health but this is a great workout for women too. Burns an average of 731 calories in 41 minutes; and all you need is a dumbbell.
19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014.. Surprisingly I am only guilty of one !!
Sometime you should look life in the different side _art by leiartista
The detail on this black ink elephant is amazing. Would love a tat with this element of design!
http://tattooglobal.com/?p=6801 #Tattoo #Tattoos #Ink
don't want to have a deer on my body, but i like the combination of sketchy lines and clean geometry.
tree-tattoos-for-men.jpg (499×499)