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Lafayette Blue Springs State Park, FL. Float down a natural lazy river on a tube and swim with hundreds of friendly Manatees!
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Florida Springs Guide: Fanning Springs State Park

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Le plein d'idées pour l'apéro
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Plus de 60 recettes pour des apéros encore meilleurs que des repas !

Quand on invite des amis à l'apéro, on peut se contenter de servir des chips, des cacahuètes (mais grillées à sec attention !) et des tomates cerises...

Tiny Urban Kitchen: Spherification (Making "Caviar")

Spherification (Making "Caviar") - Tiny Urban Kitchen

This post is part of a larger series devoted to a Molecular Gastronomy focused meal I made: Molecular Gastronomy with an Asian Twist Spherification is a modern molecular gastronomy technique that was first invented at El Bulli by Ferran Adria in 2003. While visiting a company called Griffith España, Adria and his team discovered a...Read More »

"Sea Foam" This molecular gastronomy dish is a creation of chef Yoshiaki Takazawa at his restaurant Aronia de Takazawa in Tokyo, Japan.
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World's Best Molecular Gastronomy Chefs

Best Molecular Gastronomy Chef - The introduction of molecular gastronomy into modern cuisine took the culinary world by storm and started a movement that h...

Ars Chocolatum: Creations Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2011  #plating #presentation
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Frozen goats cheese mousse with violet, buckwheat praline and passionfruit ice cream - from Bentley restaurant.
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Frozen goats cheese mousse with violet, buckwheat praline and passionfruit ice cream - from Bentley restaurant.

these mushroom stools would be easier to make than you might think: use logs or a portion of a small tree trunk, stick a round piece of wood on top, and then cover with polka dot fabric and stuff with batting

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Bombillas, letras, cabeceros infantiles y mucho más

How Molecular Gastronomy Works - Notable Chefs
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How Molecular Gastronomy Works

Are you hungry for some nitro-scrambled egg-and-bacon ice cream? Did you want a little fried mayo on that sandwich? Molecular gastronomy has cast cooking in a new light and created some seemingly bizarre, but shockingly delicious dishes.

El Bulli’s “Disappearing Ravioli” of pine nut essence. When dipped into liquid, the potato starch wrap dissolves before the pine nut liquid hits the tongue.
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Lime cloud and watermelon
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Modernist Mango Custard with Carbonated Calamansi Gel and Coconut Sorbet
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Modernist Mango Custard w/ Carbonated Calamansi Gel

This creamy, tropical dessert is a modernist custard from pastry Chef Russell Karath that’s incredible. Great application of Kappa Carrageenan to make custard and carbonation with an ISI Whip to make carbonated calamansi gel. Garnished with cilantro to spice things up a bit.

Chocolate, Jasmine, Pistachio, Grapefruit. - The ChefsTalk Project
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Chocolate, Jasmine, Pistachio, Grapefruit. - The ChefsTalk Project

Cocoa Linguine with Berry Balsamic Sauce
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Sweet Gastronomy

As an enthusiastic foodie in search of recipes to satisfy her sweet tooth, Sascha writes and photographs for a place where you can find a record of her pastry adventures and share in her passion for all things sweet!

Mango Coconut Foam made with iSi Whip
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Coconut Mango Foam

An easy and delicious culinary foam with tropical flavors made with an iSi Whip, one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

caramel popcorn with candy floss
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Modernist cuisine Pavlova by Chef Angel Betancourt
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Pavlova with Caribbean Citrus Flavors

A beautiful modernist dessert by community member and Executive Pastry Chef Angel Ramirez Betancourt. Pavlova with passion fruit foam, coconut snow, compressed pineapple, mango gel and lemon cream.