Onur Sezen

Onur Sezen

Milkway-Earth / I'm steppin around in a desert of joy baby anyhow I'll get another toy and everything will happen and you'll wonder.
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A treasure of 51 Macedonian gold coins (and a necklace) hidden inside a cavity in the rock in Ancient Corinth. The coins of Philipp II come from Pella and Amphipolis in Macedonia, while those of Alexander III (the Great) from Amphipolis, from Miletus and Tarsus in Asia Minor, Salamis in Cyprus and Sidon in Phoenicia. The treasure trove was hidden sometime after 330 BC, when Alexander was in Asia and a Macedonian garrison had been stationed in Corinth to safeguard the Isthmus.

Electrum coin (reverse). Minted in Carthage. Greek. | The British Museum

Makadonian coin: Reverse of Philip II stater, 324 BC.

Justinian II AV Gold Solidus Byzantine Coin

coin of alexander the great 336bc

ancient bibical holy coins: widow's mite, herod the great, pontius pilate, caesar augustus, etc.

Thrace , Thassos ,500-463 BC ,Erotic Silver Stater ,Early Style . - http://coins.goshoppins.com/ancient-coins/thrace-thassos-500-463-bc-erotic-silver-stater-early-style/

Roman coins used as tokens for entrance in Roman brothels - Поиск в Google