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Burj Al Arap

Welcome to Dubai, one of United Arab Emirates’s most iconic travel destinations and home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events. Even first time visitors to Dubai will quickly be enthralled by how fun and fascinating Dubai really can be.

Atlantis Otel

Dubai architecture – buildings of the United Arab Emirates Illustration Description atlantis resort in UAE has a special agency that deals with the development of small and medium sized Curious to know more?dubai-lawyers… A city with modern.


Dubai Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai! Dubai unabashedly aims to be the biggest, best, and most modern city on earth, and it may be getting close to claiming that title! Read more on Avenly Lane Travel

The Coolest Cottages For Rent In Ontario

It's that time of year again, when sweaty, desperately overheated urban dwellers fight traffic to make their way out of the city and enjoy some fleeting moments of relaxation in the country.

Dağ Evi

Log Home - Log Cabin Homes! This is my dream home! High ceilings, big fireplace, big windows,and log cabin! I want it now! Love how the interior is decorated.