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The Ultimate Guide to Food and Beer Pairings #Infographic

Beer is great and pizza is amazing, but when you have both at the same time it’s one of the best meals known to man. Still, the subtle, nuanced flavors of different beers can be even better with the right pizza pairing.

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I love these shows but the real story of Vlad is always better

The story (History) of Dracula. The only thing missing is a description of Bram Stoker, the first writer who researched European folklore and mythological stories of vampires to create a fictional story about them.

A Sulu pirate carrying a kampeli sword in his hand, a spear and a kris.

The Sultanate of Sulu was a Muslim state[note that ruled the islands in the Sulu Archipelago, parts of Mindanao, certain portions of Palawan and north-eastern Borneo .

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