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2012 Porsche 911 #9 Best selling car! One of our favourites. Repin, if you think it should have been higher ;)

Porsche 911 Wallpaper par Caractere Exclusive - hd wallpaper, Pictures of Cars, porsche Porsche 911 Pictures, Porsche 911 Wallpaper

Dress accordingly....what colors to wear to an interview

What does the color of your outfit say about you? Different colors offer subliminal messages and illicit emotional responses. Be aware of your colors when you go to an interview, or when going to work!

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A spray paint can with color adjustments. (Photo by Giuseppe Colarusso/Caters News) avaxnews.me/appealing/Impossible_Objects_by_Giuseppe_Colarusso.html

Lunar Eclipse 2010, via Daily Dose of Imagery

What does the moon look like at night? --> Lunar Eclipse by Sam Javanrouh - 61 photos of the December 2010 Lunar eclipse taken in 2 minutes intervals (selected from hundreds of shots from a timelapse series). Started at to EST in Toronto.