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Özgür Gencer
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German artist Jan Vormann travels around the world and restores crumbling architecture using LEGO blocks. In his work titled Dispatchwork, Vormann has spent three years filling in the cracks of buildings with colorful LEGO pieces.


Room 104 is a men's grooming lounge located in downtown Auckland. We got together and created a shoot representing the experience of getting a hair cut and cut throat shave at Room Talent: Frazer Gregory, Tony Scahill, George Vause

Turkish Condom ad

You can’t leave Uludağ Mountain without reaching the top. Congrats to all, who do winter sports. The official sponsor of Winterfest: Okey. Okey Ad by UltraRPM


Barbara Yates makes books with awesome covers made from actual barks (like this one above made of poplar) and sculpted wood: Link - via Bibliophilic.

Author: Dennis Cooper  Publisher: Harper Perennial

Ugly Man: Stories by Dennis Cooper. Designer Milan Bozic, Harper Perennial, A collection of stories is difficult to title and design for, but this is a wonderful example of how design augments layers of wit and meaning to words.