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Bioreactor. Illustrations Kenneth buddha Jeans

Bioreactor is a term used as an apparatus which is used to carry out any kind of bioprocess such as fermenters and enzyme reactors.

OU Fiber Optic Fueled Bio-Reactor in Operation 1-4.jpg 300×400 pixels

OU Fiber Optic Fueled Bio-Reactor in Operation pixels

.Pyramid Photobioreactor for microalgae growth

Pyramid Photobioreactor for microalgae growth

#space Shuttle engine test

A remote camera captures a close-up view of a Space Shuttle Main Engine during a test firing at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Mississippi, (Yeah. The control center where I worked was literally underneath this thing.

#Space #Shuttle Endeavour

dequalized: “The last launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, as photographed by Dan Winters, an award-winning photographer based in Austin, Los Angeles. Last Launch is a book by Dan Winters which is a.

#Space #shuttle #Atlantis August 2, 1991. #nasa #space #astronomy

The Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off on the space shuttle flight at a. EDT on August 1991 carrying a crew of five and TDRS-E. A remote camera at the level of the Fixed Surface Structure took this picture.

International #Space Station from the #shuttle

humanoidhistory: “ August 2007 – Backdropped by the Earth, the International Space Station is seen receding into the distance as the Space Shuttle Endeavour departs the orbital outpost.

Space shuttle.

The Space Shuttle enters Earth orbit The Space Shuttle, part of America’s Space Transportation System (STS), reveals a belly covered with thousands of individual thermally protective silica tiles,.