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U-2, Spy Plane

Spy Plane I saw one of these up close when I was a Flight Surgeon in Thailand during the Vietnam War

T-33, via Jim Mumaw on Flickr

(I had a joy ride in this at ROTC summer camp at Tyndall AFB near Panama City FL)

Boeing YC-14, 1976, twin-engine short take-off and landing (STOL) tactical military transport aircraft

Boeing YC Designed to replace the AMST Advanced Medium STOL Transport. I always love the losers of these contests.

F-35 at Edwards.jpg

Edwards Air Force Base is a United States Air Force installation in southern California, located approximately 22 miles northeast of Lancaster and 15 miles east of Rosamond.

C-5M undergoes ‘super’ upgrade at Edwards

C-5M undergoes ‘super’ upgrade at Edwards

Global Combat Power

A Spirit flies to the North Pole Oct. on a test mission from Edwards Air Force Base, CA