˜broomstick crochet tutorial, I did this in the 70's, fast and fun! - Gerepind door www.gezinspiratie.nl #haken #haakspiratie #knutselen #creatief #kinderen  #leuk #crochet

Broomstick Lace Bracelet

One pinned said: "˜broomstick crochet tutorial, I did this in the fast and fun!" I still have the broomstick.

How to Make a No-Sew Rag Rug - I need to do this!    @thedailybasics ♥♥♥

no sew soft cotton rug from t shirts that you can make as big as you want! ***a super soft cotton t-shirt rug in the bathroom would be nice, and easy to clean wanna try this

Knot Stitch

Punto: Knot Stitch - Just the right amount of texture to use in an otherwise stockinette stitch garment! From The Weekly Stitch

Обработка края изделия

Knit edge but crochet finish - Now this is a nice way to stabilize an edge that doesn't have a ribbing or finished edge

Loving this knit wrap shawl

Knit 1 LA: Magnum Capelet or the Beehive - pay for pattern but, I think the pattern is pretty simple from the looks of it.


08 - Модели для женщин.

Poncho from CCC - poncho with moss stitch with a pocket on front. Poncho Pattern: Chain the chains with a slip SC, increase on every