Scrappy Happy Scarves Tutorial

This Happy Scrappy Scarf Pattern is truly one-of-a-kind. This is the ultimate fabric stash-clearing project. The crazier the patterns, the more fun and unique your DIY scarf will be!

Há várias ideias para você fazer bolsas de crochê, e uma mais interessante que a…

18 Ideias para Você Fazer Bolsas de Crochê

Road Trip Scarves:   Pattern

Road Trip Scarf by Zooty Owl Cards - free pattern with photo tutorials. This is the hot shawl pattern for fall Making my roadtrip scarf now. I know I'm going to love this scarf.

Beaded pouch.

I could actually make this beaded pouch. Maybe put my cell phone in it when my hubby takes me out to dine.

This bag is made with tapestry crochet. You crochet through back loop only.

Mochila Liza pattern by Marion Verloop

Colombian Mochi(las) Model: Apache  Artisanal & Handmade

Möchi was born in early 2016 with the sole objective of promoting & commercializing handmade goods of artisans from the Colombian coast across the globe.