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sishane 💌
sishane 💌
nehir <3
nehir <3
a white bowl filled with green vegetables next to a glass of milk and utensils
YUMMA - kadikoy
best pesto pasta i’ve had
sanatcinin adini yazmamisim 🙁
akaretler siraevleri
sanatcinin adini yazmamisim 🙁
a woman with headphones on sitting at a table
sartre (derogatory)
🫶 felsefe okumalari 🫶
kadikoy Girls, Girl, Fun
girls just wanna have fun-damental rights
orhan veli
orhan veli
an assortment of jewelry including a key, ring and bottle of nail polish on a blue background
♡ alice in wonderland ♡
many people are sleeping in tents on the beach while others sit and stand around them
hayat, olum, ask ve adalet
bir kuvet hikayesi
my school church pulling a fleabag Guilt, Confessions, I School, School, Wall, Box, Riding
confession box for the guilt ridden
my school church pulling a fleabag
a table with a book, candle and flowers on it next to a laptop computer
dead flowers, plath and a lit candle