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You use hypothesis tests to challenge whether some claim about a population is true (for example, a claim that 40 percent of Americans own a cellphone). To test a statistical hypothesis, you take a sample, collect data, form a statistic, standardize it to form a test statistic (so it can be interpreted on a standard …

Statistics Formula sheet-- "Claims of fact assert that a condition has existed, exists,or will exists and that their support consists of factual information" (Birk This type of claims sometimes are backed by things like statistics, etc.

Always label your axes.

Funny pictures about Always label your axes. Oh, and cool pics about Always label your axes. Also, Always label your axes.

In the name of SCIENCE!

"Remember, kids: the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down." -- Mythbusters -- Adam Savage Back in the days of plentiful funding.this was actually true