Cube ribbon box (die cut form)

Cube ribbon box (die cut form) More - Crafting DIY Center

Králiček na veľkonočné vajíčka. / Surfingbird vie všetko, čo máte radi

Мягкая игрушка

& / Surfingbird vie všetko, & má

Origami Box

The last folding part is too difficult at this age but the rest works well

DIY Puppy Fun Card DIY Projects / on imgfave

Making fun cards is a really fun idea for a gift. You can really make someone happy with this card. You can take about 12 minutes to make this little card and


great card to make for valentines day DIY: PopUp Heart Card

Variations on woven paper heart: from Repiny - Most inspiring pictures and photos!:

Идеи из ткани

Variations on danish Christmas paper hearts. The paper hearts and cones were originally used to hold small round cinnamon cookies, referrred to as peppernuts (if translated directly) and raisins as treats on the Christmas tree.