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mesa de palets http://www.decoracion.com.uy/5500/reciclaje-y-decoracion/
Wood Sign Pallet Sign Pallet Art Fruits of the by JNMRusticDesigns, $120.00
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what can't you do with a pallet? Cute DIY pallet desk.
Marcelo created at his home this swimming pool-jacuzzi with some wooden pallets. Simply using the pallets to create the walls of the pool, he only had to place some at the basis, and some others on the perimeter cut to size, keeping the original shape of the pallets and fixing them very well together, since the [...]Continue reading...
Interesting DIY project founded at Koi Forest where they use a repurposed pallet to create a nice coffee table for your terrace or even indoors by integrating a mini garden. The coffee table is also on wheels and it can be adapted and declined endlessly as the table could find a place of choice in …
Amazing Uses For Old Pallets - 23 Pics
another great display table for the shop!
Pallet Coffee Cup Holder 50 Wonderful Pallet Furniture Ideas and Tutorials