what to do with a sleeping baby!!!

Sleeping Baby

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Adorable little man reads the newspaper. Hat, tie, and newspaper

New Ideas For New Born Baby Photography : Mommy took me to the park for the first time then I woke up


New Born Baby Photography Picture Description First time flyer watch out

Creative Newborn Photos Using Blankets | POPSUGAR Moms Photo 14

You'll Never Guess the Simple Household Items Used to Create These Amazing Baby Photos

These are a collection of ongoing images I have taken of my daughter using daily items around my house as props. I started when she was 3 days old, she just turned one month.

Photographic Adventures Of My Daughter While She Is Sleeping

Stephanie Er aka creates lovely and imaginative scenes featuring her baby girl Chi Ara surrounded by everyday objects that assemble dreamlike scenes.

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Büyüyoruuuummmm 0,1,2,3,4...

What can I say?! The boy likes his veggies!

except with thanksgiving food ingredients around