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Blogs: Is High-tech Jewellery a Fad or Here to Stay? - JewelleryNetAsia

There’s a lot of press regarding smart watches but not so much when it comes to smart jewellery. The products are starting to become available, but you will have di - by Anthony DeMarco

Diamond boots valued at $3.5 million

# The most expensive women's boots in the world, act jeweler "Diario" and the designer duo "AF Vandevorst", presented Hong Kong. Garment piece that is covered with a layer of valuable brilliant gray and pink and polished diamonds, worth about

Top bridal jewellery trends for 2015 - Jeweller Magazine: Jewellery News and Trends

Swarovski Gems has expanded its renowned Gem Visions service by releasing a publication that explores outside the realm of broad jewellery trends, and focuses on one special theme: bridal.