Human Anatomy Felt Board I was going to make one out of construction paper, but this idea to use felt, is EVEN BETTER!!!! @Lauren Davison Davison Muskauski - this is better than Little Organ Annie!!!

Use this tactile Human Anatomy Felt Board Science Activity for Kids (which you can make yourself!) to learn about the human body! You could use different textured papers and materials for different pieces or different systems of the body!

A sorting foldable for Earth Day. English and Spanish

I can recycle, fold and learn

Painting and arting (new word!) on newspaper! Cute!

Old Book Pages and Bright Color - I love how this looks. Great project to do with kids - decoupage old book pages onto a piece of wood - let dry - use it as canvas for artwork - cheap, easy, rewarding! make book marks like this?

Mother's Day Handprint Craft

This cute HAND PRINT Flower Pots. easy craft activity for preschool aged children or older kids using created ideas Second layer to the flower pot could be added to make a Mother's Day Card


(I should teach my son this!) Start with an arrow, end with a cute birdie! Great way to teach kids how to draw birds!


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