I received this in an email the other day and thought I’d share it with you. Two Horses Anonymous .


his is the tail of a blue whale, and the scientists of Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition, Antarctic Peninsula Photo by Volodymyr Bochkarev

Taking pictures of live insects can be quite a challenge in photography, and for photographer Oleg Serkiz it’s something he enjoys. During most of his childhood he loved collecting insects, but with age lost interest.

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A murmuration of starlings put on an a display over the town of Gretna.

/ Photo "Hylea arborea + Coccinellidae - by Mustafa Öztürk so cute with ladybug


Which part of "NO" do you not understand? - This iPhone case features a seemingly grumpy gorilla sitting with his arms crossed and a peeved expression on his face in front of a smoky brown background.


Temple of Horus, Egypt. 2 of my great loves together - birds and Egypt

light :)

glow worms (in this case fire flies in their larva form) glow worm in a general term for various insects in larva from that glow through bioluminescence.