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Colors in Marketing and Advertising. Using Your Favorite Colors In Marketing Could Be Killing Your Business

The Importance Of Color Choice In Marketing colors business infographic marketing promoting business tips marketing tip marketing tips

27 Retro Vintage Insignias Bundle Volume 1 - Badges & Stickers Web Elements

27 Retro Vintage Insignias Bundle Volume 1

27 Retro Vintage Insignias Bundle Volume 1 - Badges & Stickers Web Elements Example of successfully mixing fonts

Complete Pantone ink color chart. Useful when redecorating, too. (Click the picture to see the full chart. These are just edge colors.)

Complete Pantone Ink Color Chart Useful When Redecorating Too Click The Picture To See The Full Char

ink and water color this would be a pretty children's book

ink and water color. I love the combination of the water color and ink. The water colors give it a soft look contrasting with the pen strokes. It reminds me of Sky Sailing.

pckgbshk2014 44 30 Amazing Examples Of Eye Popping Packaging Design

30 Amazing Examples Of Eye-Popping Packaging Design

Diamond by Cristiano Giuggioli Diamond - Aqua Carpatica, the purest water, chooses to undress every plethora and to dress up light. The light exalts the preciousness of water, for this reason Diamond is the perfect bottle for the perfect water.

The moon and the stars

drawing art girl Black and White beautiful Full Moon dream moon night stars night sky artwork nature dreaming star surreal watching work of art staring


Cool ideas for using type that looks like food Although not packaging. Totally cool concept to describe what the best burger in the world should look like design