The Watercarrier, Eugene de Blaas  Country of Origin:	Austria  Date of Creation:	1908

The Water Carrier 1908 by Eugene de Blaas, also known as Eugene von Blaas or Eugenio de Blaas – was an Italian painter in the school of Academic Classicism. He was born at Albano, near Rome, to Austrian parents.

Time: "Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have."     Norman Vincent Peale

Quietly ticking, hanging aloft This antique timepiece seems to beckon; draw us near… There is, it seems, a message here.

A Seasonal Cook in Turkey: Bread-making in a Turkish Village for a Circumcision Celebration!

Baking bread to feed hundreds for the double circumcision celebrations of Ayşe Hanım's grandsons!

Turkish Women preparing the traditional "yufka" (a thin dough)..

Turkish Women preparing the traditional "yufka" (a thin dough).

♥ | © Lisa. Eugene de Blaas (Austrian painter,1843 -1931)

Frutas e legumes na pintura – 1

The artist Eugene de Blaas also known as Eugenio De Blaas or Eugen von Blaas,was born on July in the Italian village of Albano, near.