Embroidered Band Textile Turkish , 17th century

Embroidered Band Textile Turkish , century Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Bequest of Nettie G.

Turkish Embossed Silver Gilt Thread Embroidery on Blue Silk Velvet.

Late-Ottoman embossed silver gilt thread embroidery on blue silk velvet. The larger segments are raised, by working the goldwork embroidery over a card (board) foundation.

Embroidered satin book ,1640 Collection : The British Library

Front cover of an embroidered satin book with bird motif and with remnants of a pair of satin ties ~ London ~ 1640 ~ The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and The Whole Booke of Davids Psalmes ~ The British Library

Queen's Sweet Bag Embroidery Pattern w Threads Nostalgic Needle Sharon Cohen | eBay

Queen's Sweete Bag Embroidery Pattern w Threads Nostalgic Needle Sharon Cohen

Ottoman women's handbags & Osmanlı Kadın Çanta

Adorned with goldwork embroidery (technique: ‘sarma’ / ‘Maraş işi’).

silver bobbin lace

A cat toy: Silver-thread bobbin lace on c. 1740 stomacher… Decorative V shaped panels that cover front of bodice…

Ottoman embroidery - geleneksel türk el sanatları

Ottoman embroidery early 46 x 46 cm.silk and some metal thread