Emre Özgümüş

Emre Özgümüş

Graphic designer, musician.
Emre Özgümüş
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Absolut Jazz. Creative advertising and marketing campaign designs

We have selected 28 Fantastic Absolut Vodka Ads and I’m sure that you’re going to truly appreciate our collection. lthough Absolut Vodka has an impressive

And speaking of really cool guitars... 25 Gorgeously Handcarved Guitars - Global Guitar NetworkGlobal Guitar Network

George Lynch's J. FROG Skull n' Bones ESP.the original was not an ESP, it was hand-carved by Johnny "J. Frog" Garcia, a horror movie make-up artist in Hollywood. Wow this is fucking awesome!


My other dream besides computer programing would be playing music. This is my dream guitar that I must get some day. I love hearing music, so i think creating and playing music would be as fun, but I would also get the chance to be creative.

Guitar Heroes = my personal favorites #'s 2, 7 and 8.

erikcartmanoglu: “ 1 Frank Zappa 2 George Harrison 3 Slash 4 Jimi Hendrix 5 Keith Richards 6 Jimmy Page 7 Stevie Ray Vaughan 8 Eric Clapton 9 Mark Knopfler 10 Brain May 11 Johnny Ramone 12 Jack.