Eylül Özgün
Eylül Özgün
Eylül Özgün

Eylül Özgün

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Huf socks, already got one pair in purple and grey, but i want all of them

Cute. But Psycho Socks | Womens

You’re cute… but psycho. But cute. Overall, we consider that a plus.

Calcetines de la Virgen! totally want these! I would rock them like a true Mexican!

George Washington Socks

Look patriotic in this George Washington Socks with its model print of the late President himself. If America's first president George Washington still lives to this day, this would be his favourite p

So Deer to Me Socks

Knee socks, mori girl

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Notice the cup in her hand that says cafe nerd...we must find this place and go there