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This Amazing Chinese Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With

“MIEN SHAING” or face mapping. This literally means face reading. Chinese traditional medicine firmly believes that it tells more about our body than we think.

A picture of a letter to parents from a box of Lego in the 1970s is going viral after being uploaded to Reddit.

LEGO sets in the came with a special set of instructions – for parents to stop gender stereotyping. “It’s imagination that counts,” declares the toy manufacturer’s note.

11 Songs To Help You Study, Focus, and Write When You're Tired of Classical Music

Are you super-psyched to get back to school? Have you been going through the motions of enjoying the sun all summer, while secretly waiting for the chance to get back to your true passion — studying, writing term papers, and otherwise focusing?

Set Routine Organize Establish Deadlines Take needed breaks Keep focused Learn personal skills

Career change ideas: Being productive can save time and help ensure that quality work is delivered. Not only will you feel better about what you accomplish, your employer will likely take notice as well.