Game: true/false math facts I would use this when teaching about adding multiple numbers. I would have students do this in math centers. I really like how students have to work out all of the problems and then decide if they are true or false.

Playing true and false math facts enable students to recognize how the combination of certain numbers equals to other combinations of numbers. Students can continue to develop their fluency of basic number combinations for addition.

great for math stations


Multiplication Wheels - can easily be made with construction paper (or heavier cardstock) and brads. (The link to this site is blocked at school but you can access it from home or at the public library.make into addition or subtraction wheels

Flashcard station...they just take off the ones they need to study.

I need to do this. That will help stop the random fact cards and stray empty baggies all around.

kid rooms nightstand/bookshelf idea

DIY Bookshelf Made From Crates

DIY Bookshelf made from crates you can get at Joann’s. Paint it any color you want! DIY Bookshelf made from crates you can get at Joann’s. Paint it any color…

DIY idea- Shelf out of crates.

DIY idea: Shelf out of crates. Awesome way to have modern… -- Article ideas / research - modern room divider ideas for Best of Modern Design - So many good things!

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