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Naram-Sîn'in Kraliyet Yazısı

The Earliest Printing was Stamped into Soft Clay in Mesopotamia (Circa BCE – BCE). The earliest printing was the stamping of inscriptions into the soft clay of bricks before firing, done under the rule of the Sumerian king Naram-Sîn of Akkad


Love the "hair" on top of his head KEY Wrought Iron H. cm France - Good condition seventeenth century at the top of the ring, two small dolphins faced, at its base, a Maltese cross. Interesting safety bolt on the cross-shaped and star

i would love to have a loom

Schacht Cricket Loom At wider than the Cricket, the Cricket is still compact enough to take with you easily. The weaving width offers more flexibility in your choice of weaving projects. Uses the same reeds as the Flip folding rigid heddle loom.