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people are swimming in the ocean on a sunny day
surfs up
an umbrella sitting on top of a white fence next to the ocean
Gigi Aly (@allthewildair) • travel photography
Malibu, California
an apartment building with balconies and flowers in the window boxes on each balcony
Italian Dream
a person sitting on a bench with food and condiments
french picnic
creds to owner! picnic, french bread, strawberries, france, paris, summer, vacation, travel, european summer
two people swimming in the ocean with bubbles floating on their heads and one person laying down
a dog swimming in the ocean with his head above water
a person standing next to a basket filled with wine bottles and other items on the ground
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a table is set with candles, plates and wine glasses for an outdoor dinner party
my 20th🍰🍰⭐️
several different colored candles sitting next to each other
Jell-O Mold Creations Are Back and Better Than Ever
Shoes, Fitness, Tennis, Sporty, Preppy Style, Summer Fun, Sports, Pickleball, Summer Sports
Pickle ball slay