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a man in a suit and tie with his mouth open while speaking into a microphone
some comics are being used to describe what people think about the force awakes in star wars
some people are talking to each other on their cell phones and the text reads, when ur jedi who just saved the galaxy and is returning home to reunite with u
the star wars scene is shown in three different languages
two pictures one with people and the other has food in their mouth while another is eating
the avengers movie scene is shown with captioning that reads, what are you doing?
Disney Civil War: 20 Hilarious Star Wars Vs. MCU Memes
the many faces of actors in star wars, as well as their names and characters
a sign that says, no signs allowed you have become the very thing you want to destroy
an image of two cartoon characters in front of a map and the caption says, russian is located in russia so the only thing that you can
the star wars characters are talking to each other