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an image of a person wearing a costume and texting that reads, a cereal bar of gold
I climbed down to a monster filled lava dungeon to mine this gold and gave it to you Sam and you're angry at me!?
an overhead view of a bedroom and living room in the legend of zelda game
My cozy bedroom :)
an animal crossing game is shown in this screenshot
Decorated the Traveling Cart's little area. Hope you like it!
a man in a suit and tie is playing with a clock
Dive into anything
a man eating pizza while holding a fork in front of him and the caption says son
Sam playing drums and eating pizza, fanart made by me
an overhead view of a kitchen and living room in the legend of zelda game
stardew house ୨୧ 4/7
a painting of a woman with blue hair holding up a piece of cloth in her hand
"There's so much out there, I can't stay a barmaid forever.” Emily fanart by me!^-^
four different pictures of people with their faces in the same color and font, one is saying
we met once long ago
an old man sitting in front of a tent
Stardew Valley
a green car driving down a highway next to an exit sign
Steam Community :: Stardew Valley
a man and woman sitting at a table with plates of food in front of them
an image of a man and woman in the grass with text that reads, me neglecting the farm and dating every townie you won't get anything done
I looked at my first Stardew Valley save file and it was year 3 and I had nothing lmao pretty sure I just did this the entire game