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DIY home decor ideas with pebbles and river rocks are great for adults and kids alike and for indoor and outdoor accessories.

Great Idea for Stone Art

Great Idea for Stone Art reminded me of pet rocks except that these are far more advance and beautiful!

painted rocks

Tired of trying to figure out what to do with all of the stones in your backyard? Use them to decorate your garden! There are many ways to use stones to make your garden unique and beautiful. Here are nine creative ways you can use stones in your garden.

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Cactus de colores

This is what I can put in that flower bed thing that i forget to water all the time! I put real cacti in there and they died. One of the easiest plants to grow and o still killed it.

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Ocean View with Pebbles - Michela Bufalini

Mutfak askisi

Mutfak askisi - Home Decor Diy Cheap

hanging keys by https://www.facebook.com/Vijolcenne/photos/a.292729900865346.1073741832.182641321874205/530876773717323/?type=1&theater

hanging keys by…

Ayda hayat var.  Günaydın yeni haftaya #tasarım #tasilesanat #elyapımı #handmade # ay #stoneart

Whoa, totally can see my kids working on this

lindos cuadros hechos de piedras

lindos cuadros hechos de piedras

taş sanatı, pebble art

Painted rocks and driftwood


One day I hope to have a collection like this, I find this fascinating 👍

Casette giardino

Handmade Painted Rock/Stone Houses as Gift or Home Decor

quadri di pietra

il sole che non voleva tramontare

Decoro sassi

Presse papier marbré au vernis à ongle - Marbled Paperweight DIY. These pretty rainbow rocks are perfect for brightening up your desk! With just some nail polish and water, you can transform an ordinary rock into your own marbled paperweight.