Slap Bracelets

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Remember Slap Bracelets and how much fun they are to Slap onto your wrist? We have a bunch of them.

Slap Bracelets

Just some of the Slap Bracelets we have. Be sure to check out our entire category.

-Zoo Animals Slap Bracelets

Zoo animal slap bracelets in assorted animal designs. Wildly fun to slap on and off! Use these as prizes or goody bag additions at a jungle or safari party, too. Wear them on the class trip to the zoo!

Unicorn Slap Bracelets

Mythical unicorns and beautiful rainbows that you can wear on a stylish bracelet. Fun slap bracelets in assorted unicorn theme designs make a pretty addition to a unicorn or magical creature theme party.

-Student Slap Bracelets

Inspire excellence in the classroom! Reward students with slap bracelets. Assorted designs, each with a positive message. Fun and style with a purpose!

-Cowgirl Bandana Slap Bracelets

Cowgirl, horse or barnyard party guests can sport these fun fashion accessories! Assorted cowgirl theme slap bracelets feature a colorful bandana design.

-Candy Stripe Slap Bracelets

Super cool slap bracelets with a candy twist! Assorted candy designs help make these stylish bracelets a great addition to any goody bag. Use them as sugar-free prizes or rewards for a job well done!

-Owl Slap Bracelets

Let your friends know what a hoot they are! Share owl slap bracelets that are fun to wear. Hand out one of these assorted owl slap bracelets to each party guest! Great for a owl theme party - use them to wrap cloth napkins.

Bowling Slap Bracelets

Metallic slap bracelets for the bowling birthday bash! Assorted ten-pin designs will strike a cord with bowling party guests.

Cow Print Slap Bracelets

Moo-tastic cow print slap bracelets! Great fun for herds of friends at your next farm party. These make terrific napkin rings!

-Sequin Slap Bracelets

Dress up or make over parties are lots more fun with accessories! Fashionable sequin pattern slap bracelets in an assortment of colors are a great addition to sleepovers, glamour parties, anytime!

-Groovy Assorted Slap Bracelets

***SORRY, THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED***Grooving to the sounds of the sixties and seventies at a party? Get guests in the mood with assorted groovy slap bracelets. Retro style in a modern way!

-Blank Canvas Slap Bracelets

***SORRY, THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED***Start with a blank canvas slap bracelet and create a work of art! Assorted color slap bracelets can be adorned with stick-on gems, paint or other crafty additions (not included). A make and wear activity!

-Camouflage Slap Bracelets

***SORRY, THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED***Hide these in goody bags for a fun camo surprise! Camouflage slap bracelets make a great treat at a army bash or patriotic party.

-Monkey Slap Bracelets

***SORRY, THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED***Cute monkey design will have them going bananas! Great addition to a jungle, wild animal or zoo party!

Patriotic Slap Bracelets

Show your patriotic spirit with a stars and stripes slap bracelet. Perfect for those patriotic holidays and parades.

Polka Dot Slap Bracelets

Colorful and trendy polka-dot slap bracelets. These bracelets are covered in soft, plush fabric & measure 9.25