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an image of the recipe for cooking with ingredients and instructions to make it look like they are
the instructions for how to make an ice cream sandwich
the recipe for this meal is shown in blue and white
a white plate topped with vegetables next to a pot of stew
Vegetable Tagine
Vegetable Tagine
a pot filled with stew and carrots on top of a wooden table next to some cut up vegetables
Hearty Potato Stew
Hearty Potato Stew
a pot filled with lots of food on top of a white counter next to a wooden spoon
15 Minute Chickpea Stew
15 Minute Chickpea Stew
this slow cooker chili con carne is an easy and delicious meal that's ready in under 30 minutes
Slow Cooker Chilli Con Carne (No Browning)
An easy slow cooker chilli con carne recipe that doesn't require browning the meat! This simple tex-mex dish is meltingly tender, very flavourful, and perfect with rice!
6h 5m
slow cooker vegetarian chili in a black crock pot with the title above it
Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chilli - Neils Healthy Meals
4h 20m
a close up of a plate of food with rice and meat on it, garnished with cilantro
Vegan Chilli Con Carne - For the Utter Love of Food
Vegan Chilli Con Carne
a pot filled with mushroom stew on top of a white counter next to a wooden spoon
One Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff
One Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff
a white bowl filled with dip surrounded by crackers, tomatoes and cucumbers
Tzatziki Sauce Recipe - Kristine's Kitchen
This easy Tzatziki Sauce recipe is made with Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill, lemon and garlic. This delicious Greek sauce is perfect for serving with gyros, grilled chicken, vegetables, pita bread and more!
a casserole dish with broccoli on the side
Vegan Cottage Pie
Family Favourite Vegan Cottage Pie - Meatless Farm
stuffed peppers with rice and tomatoes on a baking sheet in front of the words, all ingredients from aldi
Stuffed Peppers with Rice using Aldi Ingredients Only - Savvy Bites
rice stuffed peppers in a skillet with text overlay
Vegan Stuffed Peppers Recipe with Rice 🍴 -