ojo de Dios , Huichol art. Mexican.

Cultural symbol made by the Huichols Indians of Mexico. The four points represent earth, fire, air and water, and provided God's eye to watch over their people.

wayuu mochilas

Susu Woven Bags

Loving these bright woven bags for Costa Rica style. Susu bags woven by the women of the Wayuu tribe

colombian bags

Colombian sheep wool bags handwoven by Arhuac Indigenous from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - COLOMBIA

6 productos en tejido Wayúu que todos deberíamos tener | Marca país Colombia

Mochila bags are handwoven by The Wayuu Indigenous Women from La Guajira - COLOMBIA


Wayuu mochilas - Backpacks Wayuu are handicrafts made by indigenous community Aremasain by kanaas technique shaped sectional crochet round, square or rectangular.

New Limited Edition Handmade #WayuuBags woven by one Thread with handwoven Handles & Shoulder Strap. Limited Quantity. Get yours at www.wayuutribe.com

Hermosa Collection Wayuu Bags Handmade by One Thread at a time. Una Hebra Wayuu Mochila Bags of the Finest Quality.