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Millie Hughes-Fulford, NASA Shuttle Scientist, Dies at 75 - The New York Times
"*Roy D. Bridges Jr., NASA Astronaut, Autographed 8\" X 10\", Includes original mailing envelope from NASA **Inscribed: To Bill with my best wishes, Roy Bridges / Pilot, Challenger STS51F MAJOR GENERAL ROY D. BRIDGES JR. Born: July 19, 1943 in Atlanta, Georgia   ROY D. BRIDGES, JR. NASA ASTRONAUT was Director of NASA's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, from August 10, 2003 until October 3, 2005. He is currently conducting a study for NASA's Associate Administrator on the headquarters'

Astronauts - Shuttle & ISS

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Stage sections of Saturn V and N1.
Saturn V and Enterprise-KSC | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Every US space mission from Mercury to Apollo-Soyuz with astronauts color-coded by selection group.


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Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
Happy Heavenly 100th Birthday Alan Shepard, born November 18, 1923. | Instagram


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Sep. 26, 1996: A view of the newly-completed Soviet/Russian space station Mir, shown over the limb of the Earth, as seen from the Space… | Instagram
Expedition 29 Soyuz Rollout (201111110025HQ) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Soviet Union/Russia

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NASA Signing
the first rocket launch from cape canaveral 1950

Pre-NASA Days

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The Golden Age of Nasa.

NASA Early Days

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National Air and Space Museum on Instagram: "Today in 1961, the Mercury "Freedom 7" capsule in which Alan Shepard became the first American in space was donated to the Smithsonian. Pictured: Shepard peering inside the capsule in its early display and "Freedom 7" now on display in our "Destination Moon" exhibition."


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Check out this awesome 'Space+Project+Mercury' design on @TeePublic!
This 8 inch design honors the men and women of Project Mercury in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the program 1961 – 2011. This emblems was designed by Tim Gagnon "KSCArtist". Thanks Tim!! Impo

Mercury Mission Patches

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Jay on Instagram: "It is with great sadness to share  that yesterday we lost Tom Stafford. Tom was selected to become an astronaut in 1962, and flew aboard Gemini 6A in 1965 and Gemini 9A in 1966. In 1969, he commanded Apollo 10, the second crewed mission to orbit the Moon. Here, he and Gene Cernan became the first to fly an Apollo Lunar Module in lunar orbit, descending to an altitude of nine miles. In 1975, Stafford was the commander of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) flight, the first joint U.S.-Soviet space mission. A brigadier general at the time, he became the first general officer to fly in space. He was the first member of his Naval Academy class to pin on the first, second, and third stars of a general officer. He made six rendezvous in space and logged 507 hours of space fli
Nov. 11, 1966: S66-62870. Gemini 12 capsule docked with the Agena Target Vehicle. The 14 scientific experiments were (1) frog egg growth… | Instagram
Space is vintage on Instagram: "Nov. 11, 1966: S66-62870. Gemini 12 capsule docked with the Agena Target Vehicle. The 14 scientific experiments were (1) frog egg growth under zero-g, (2) synoptic terrain photography, (3) synoptic weather photography, (4) nuclear emulsions, (5) airglow horizon photography, (6) UV astronomical photography, and (7) dim sky photography. Two micrometeorite collection experiments, as well as three space phenomena photography experiments, were not fully completed
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Gemini Missions Patch Set

Gemini Mission Patches

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The Mysterious 30 Year Journey of Apollo 12 | space | It returned to Earth after 30 years in space 😱 | By Primal SpaceFacebook
Jay | As the Lunar Module was being built engineers along with the astronauts who would eventually fly it realized along the way that changes… | Instagram
Astronomy | Science | Entertainment | The photo of Dave Scott looking at Earth from the hatch of Apollo 9 is a powerful and iconic Image that captures the essence of the human… | Instagram


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Project Apollo Recovery Team
The Astronauts of Apollo by markkarvon
Apollo program patches

Apollo Mission Patches

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Skylab was the name of the first orbiting space station for the USA. It used hardware developed for the Apollo program including the Command Module and the Saturn V rocket. The three crews lived on Skylab for the longest space voyages up to that time. 4 inches.
Dec. 15, 1965: S65-63221 - This photograph of the Gemini-Titan 7 (GT-7) spacecraft was taken from the Gemini-Titan 6 (GT-6) spacecraft… | Instagram
From all of us here at Kennedy Space Center, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 🚀🍽 This year, we're celebrating the 50th… | Instagram

Skylab & Apollo/Soyuz

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Air Force World on Instagram: “NASA aircraft fleet at Dryden Flight Research Center circa 1988... You get to fly ONE, which are you choosing?✈️ Image credit: Public…”
The crew patch from NASA's KC-135, otherwise known as the 'Vomet Comet!' Astronauts train for the weightless environment on this plane. It is also the plane used to shoot the weightless scenes in the film Apollo 13.


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... comparision of Shuttle to Soviet 'Buran' | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Soviet Union - Buran

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Early artist's rendering of the launch of NASA's space shuttle.

Designing and Building the Space Shuttle

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Cool slow motion 😦😍 #nasa #satellite #rocketlaunch #rocket #electron #space #spaceflight #flight #launch #earth #climate #water #cloud… | Instagram
STS-1 40th Anniversary Commemorative Each patch is hand signed on the back by Tim. Inspired by the work of Robert McCall, Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes commemorate the first Space Shuttlemission and America’s return to space with this 4-inch wide by 5-inch-high patch. Gagnon and Cartes tryto capture the spirit of the launch of this new reusable vehicle after an almost six-year gap after Apollo-Soyuz. Tim Gagnon wrote to the STS-1 crew asking to design their mission patch and they returned asigned
External Tank ET-138 Rolls Out at Michoud Assembly Facility by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, via Flickr

Space Shuttle

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Columbia poster. Credit: NASA
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Space Shuttle Mission Patches

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Sally Ride (First American Woman in space) has died after a 17 month long fight against pancreatic cancer. She became a household name after her historic flight on Space Shuttle Challenger in 1983, and then used her high-profile to encourage kids, especially young girls, to pursue science, math, and engineering careers. Sally, you will be dearly missed.
Jan Davis, mechanical and aerospace engineer and former astronaut. She is a veteran of three space flights and has been awarded several NASA medals for her leadership and service.

Space Shuttle Astronauts

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7/8/11 last shuttle mission
Top view of the Space Shuttle. #spaceshuttle #nasa
Aerial view of Space Shuttle Discovery Space

Shuttles at Kennedy Space Center

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Astro Launch | STS-127 Launch Of Shuttle Endeavour STS-127 (ISS assembly flight 2J/A) was a NASA Space Shuttle mission to the International Space… | Instagram
How Did the Space Shuttle Launch Process Work? | How Did the Space Shuttle Launch Process Work?
#space | By Jared Owen AnimationsFacebook
National Air and Space Museum on Instagram: "Liftoff on the fifth and final Hubble Servicing Mission. 15 years ago today, Space Shuttle Atlantis launched on STS-125 on a mission to repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope. The crew conducted five spacewalks, repaired two instruments, and installed two new instruments. Their mission prolonged the life of the telescope and at the time, NASA believed it would work at least until 2014. Little did we all know, it’s 2024 and the Hubble Space Telescope is still active, a true testament to the scientists and teams behind the project."

Space Shuttle Liftoff

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Space Shuttle Discovery's Final Flight--to the Museum..
Space Shuttle Atlantis on Custom 747 Flies to Kennedy Space Center after Refurbishment, Sep 1, 1998 Photo at

Space Shuttle Carrier

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Shuttle Mockup
National Air and Space Museum on Instagram: "Enterprise's first free flight. Today in 1977, Space Shuttle Enterprise, crewed by Fred Haise and Gordon Fullerton, made its first free flight from a 747 during shuttle approach and landing tests. This NASA photo was taken soon after Enterprise and the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft separated for the free flight and Enterprise's glide landing."

Enterprise trainer

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Welcome to Kennedy, Columbia! The first fully functional Shuttle orbiter, Columbia, rests piggyback on its 747 carrier aircraft, only… | Instagram
NASA space Shuttle Columbia (reconnaissable à ses bandes noires sur les ailes)
Kevin Dart's shuttle Columbia


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Piece Of Challenger Shuttle Discovered
Declassified Video of Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion NASA - STABILIZED - YouTube


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