Not a quilt but still cool. EBRU (Paper marbling). One of the many techniques that can be used.

Paper Marbling in process by Turkish marbling artist Kubra Cakar. via Kiara Trading

Turkish Ebru Art

Marvellous Marbling Art Called Ebru For You To Do Quite Easily - Bored Art

Ebru traditional Turkish painting style - 5 minute video on How to do Ebru painting

Marbling (in Turkish, ebru) is one of Turkey’s oldest artistic methods of paper decoration, with a history that stretches back hundreds of y.

Klasik Türk Sanatları Vakfı

Klasik Türk Sanatları Vakfı

Ebru islamic turkish art Ayla Makas - Gallery | Islamic Arts Magazine

Ebru Turkish art by Ayla Makas

ebru paper | ... for months now- a GIGANTIC Ebru( turkish paper marbling) project

Making Ebru paper :: Work on a gigantic Ebru (Turkish paper marbling) project

Art of Ebru. I think this art form is amazing.

Art of Ebru - Rumi Forum. This video demonstrates how some of the traditional turkish designs are produced, and gives some background to Ebru (the Turkish form of marbling)