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a cartoon character with big eyes and a green hat on, standing in front of a blue background
a drawing of a girl with glasses holding a backpack
Illustration - Welcome to Beatrice Blue's Portfolio
Beatrice Blue's Portfolio - Illustration
an animated man with long white hair and beards in various poses, from front to back
Character Design, Erkan Karagoez
ArtStation - Character Design, Erkan Karagoez
Tweets con contenido multimedia de 손털,,,, (@sontal00) | Twitter
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Tweets con contenido multimedia de 손털,,,, (@sontal00) | Twitter
cartoon character poses with various expressions and gestures
a woman in a pink top and blue skirt is looking at another woman's stomach
One of the drawings I did for the #findtheoneagain @triumphuk commercial #girlsinanimation #drawing #characterdesign see video here:
a drawing of a woman carrying a stuffed animal in her arms and walking away from the camera
Sketch : Line.T
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some drawings of dinosaurs with their mouths open
#trex #tyrannosaurus #tyrannosaurusrex #breaksketch #brushpen #cartoon #dinosaur #characterdesign
a robot sitting on top of a floor next to a light bulb in the shape of a heart
This is cute
an image of a cartoon boy with red hair
The SPA Studios ★ Find more at
a girl with long hair and yellow boots is standing in the grass, holding her hand up to her ear
[momo voice] this is just my face i'm super /eh/ about my style rn... let me figure it out b4 i do art trades--
watercolor and ink with a bit digital edit Art Drawings, Art Sketchbook, Art And Illustration, Illustration Sketches
Ira from Iraville
watercolor and ink with a bit digital edit
Character Design Page - blog Cartoon Art Styles, Cartoon Design, Cartoon Character Design, Illustration Character Design, Children Illustration
Character Design Page - blog
a man's face with a beard and mustache
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Nick Slater's design work. My friend/co-worker's work featured on abduzeedo.
a man riding on the back of a red motorcycle with clouds in the sky behind him