Pelin Pazarcıoğlu

Pelin Pazarcıoğlu

Pelin Pazarcıoğlu
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ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) and clinical equivalent definition and guidelines

Spinal Nerve Functions.. related parts of the Body & Symptoms..

Spinal Nerve Function Every cell of your body has a nerve component that flows through the spine. Keeping the spine limber, strong and healthy is.

Common examples of chest x-ray: Consolidation, Interstitial, Nodule/Mass, and atelectasis

Just for fun. We don't read x-rays. How to identify and differentiate lung diseases from chest x-ray.

AP of the glenohumeral joint

begin to dig: Unpacking a mystery: when shoulder pain may be all (or largely) in the wrist (a t-phase assessment story)

A Complete Guide to Understanding MACs Liquid Foundations

(Consider this your MAC liquid foundation BIBLE) When it comes to MAC foundations, the beauty industry is pretty divided. For some these are holy grails, while others swear they breed breakouts.