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a black and white image of a snowman
Tender Greens
Brand identity for Tender Greens - designed by Paula Scher and team
the words ready player one are lit up in purple and red on a black background
‘Ready Player One’
Maze-like logo for the upcoming Spielberg film - designed by Emily Oberman and team
the oregon state university logo is shown in red and black, with an eagle above it
Oregon State University
Logo and Identity for Oregon State University - designed by DJ Stout and team
the broadway housing communities logo is shown in black on a white background, with words above it
Broadway Housing Communities
Branding, Identity, and Environmental Graphics for Broadway Housing Communities - designed by Eddie Opara and team
OpenView identity by Natasha Jen
Playwrights Horizons
Playwrights Horizons identity by Michael Bierut
the nland logo on a black background with red and white letters that read n land
NLand Surf Park
NLand identity by DJ Stout
a red heart with the word love on it
Heart & Stroke Foundation
Heart & Stroke Foundation identity by Paula Scher
a white chair sitting on top of a blue wall
BookHampton - identity by Michael Bierut
the dc logo in blue and white
DC Entertainment
New Logo Design Celebrates DC Brand’s Past, Present and Future - identity by Emily Oberman
the logo for la pecora bianca cafe e cicino, which is located
La Pecora Bianca
A charming identity introduces a New York restaurant inspired by the farm-to-table cooking of rural Italy. Identity by Paula Scher
the snap kitchen logo is shown on a white background with black and gray letters
Snap Kitchen
Tasty graphic icons are the ingredients in a fresh new identity for a brand that offers healthy take-away meals. Identity by Paula Scher
the amaganized bank logo is shown on a black background, with white letters
Amalgamated Bank
The identity appears in a blue, orange and white color palette inspired by New York City's official colors. Identity by Michael Bierut
the words new practices, new york on a white background
‘New Practices New York’
New Practices New York identity originally designed by Natasha Jen in 2011.