Set of 2 handpainted wood indian trays

What if we painted cheap trays to match our theme to frame/fill out the centerpieces? Set of 2 handpainted wood indian trays

DIY Photo Memory Quilt. A very pretty and personal gift! You can make it as a personalized graduation gift for your roommates.

20 DIY Photo Gift Ideas & Tutorials

How to Make a Photo Memory Quilt. Photo memory quilts are wonderful gifts and make great keepsakes. They all look cool draped over a couch and will constantly serve as a reminder of happy time.

"Tis The Season" or "Joy to the World"?

Diy Projects: Fabric and Cardboard Wall Letters DIY - where was this when I was fixing up the baby's nursery.' Put cardboard letters covered in choice fabric on self painted canvas boards

Hams, Ham